Agile Cloud Institute

Cross-Functional Architecture And Tools For Cloud-Based Operating Models

Drastically Simplify IT Management

Increase the productivity of your entire IT organization by using the Agile Cloud Institute’s software and training to greatly simplify the development, delivery, and management of your platforms.

Our app, the Agile Cloud Manager, is a high-level, cloud-agnostic tool. It can enable an organization to simplify each of its platforms to the point of becoming an appliance that can become as easy to operate as a toaster. You can continue using your existing tools because this free tool integrates and leverages many other tools.

The Agile Cloud Manager orchestrates lower-level infrastructure templating tools and configuration management tools. It integrates with many popular pipeline tools. It can enable you to leverage the issue-and-work-item tracking features of many popular project management tools through its integration with pipeline tools.

The Agile Cloud Manager can make it easier to derive the following benefits:

Potential Benefit Feature
Accelerate customer value creation. By upgrading many applications in parallel using our simple command line interface CLI that replaces complex, redundant pipeline code.
Eliminate waste. By creating reusable software-definitions of services, systems, and appliances that can be shared throughout your organization.
Simplify Multi-cloud. By using the Agile Cloud Manager as a common interface that abstracts away the details of each cloud provider.
Simplify your existing infrastructure-as-code from many vendors. By putting it all behind one common interface.
Model your systems with custom types that reflect your unique business model. By using declarative syntax in the Agile Cloud Manager’s Domain Specific Language DSL.
Surgically operate on components of your business. By using the Agile Cloud Manager’s CLI to create, update, and delete instances of the custom system types that correspond with unique components of your business model.
Improve architectural governance and compliance. By placing your system- and appliance-definitions into version control within enterprise-level SDLC processes.
Harden your security. By reducing the size of your enterprise attack surface with a smaller number of reusable software-definitions of systems and appliances, and with easier redeployment of fixes.

The Agile Cloud Manager is free to use for commercial projects, as long as you follow the licensing requirements and the Terms outlined on this website. You can also contribute to this project. You can use our free public training at public meetups and on this website. And you can optionally engage the Agile Cloud Institute for Architectural consulting and for technical support if you want to.

Architects and executives can start by reading the architectural overview at this link.

Engineers can start working immediately by following the hands-on instructions for our working demos at this link in addition to reading the architectural overview at this other link.