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Cross-Functional Architecture And Tools For Cloud-Based Operating Models


The links below explain how the Architecture of the Agile Cloud Manager fits into enterprise architecture and enterprise Agile. The articles below are intended for CIOs, CTOs, and Architectural Review Boards.

If this is your first visit to our site, we suggest that you read the articles in the order in which they are listed below, starting with Article One and continuing through Article Seven.

Article One: Architecting the Agile Enterprise with the Agile Cloud Manager

A PDF of all 16 parts of Article One: “Architecting The Agile Enterprise With The Agile Cloud Manager” can be read at this link

Article Two: Architectural Migration and Governance

Article Three: Quantifying The Financial Benefits

Article Four: Multi-Application Deployments with the Agile Cloud Manager

Article Five: Low-Level Design with the Agile Cloud Manager

Article Six: Integrating the Agile Cloud Manager with Ansible, Chef, and Puppet

Article Seven: Operations with the Agile Cloud Manager

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