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Engineers can begin working with the Agile Cloud Manager’s working demos immediately by reading the articles in the “Hands-On Demos” links below. The article entitled Getting Started for Engineers is where an engineer can start to get things running immediately.

However, we suggest that each engineer invest some time first reading the articles in the “Architectural Prerequisites” and “Engineering Specifications” sections below before beginning hands-on work with the Agile Cloud Manager. The reason is that the Agile Cloud Manager integrates an entire enterprise at a different level than other tools. Therefore, an understanding of the Architectural Prerequisites and of the Engineering Specifications can enable an engineer to make more powerful use of the Agile Cloud Manager.

Architectural Prerequisites

All of the articles in the Architecture section of this website can be helpful for an engineer, but we recommend beginning with the following two articles, which together cover both high-level and low-level design:

Article: Architecting the Agile Enterprise with the Agile Cloud Manager
Article: Low-Level Design with the Agile Cloud Manager

Hands-On Demos

Getting Started for Engineers
Assemble keys.yaml and config.yaml
Delete IAM Resources

Engineering Specifications

System Configuration Specification for the Agile Cloud Manager
Variable Mapping Syntax for the Agile Cloud Manager
CLI Commands and Workflows for the Agile Cloud Manager
Pipeline Workflows Using CLI Commands
Logging for the Agile Cloud Manager

Additional Resources

Engineers can also learn in the following ways:

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