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Cross-Functional Architecture And Tools For Cloud-Based Operating Models

Architecting the Agile Enterprise with the Agile Cloud Manager

Course Overview

This important course is divided into 16 small segments to make the material easier to learn at your own pace. It is also available in video, PDF, and HTML formats.

The HTML links to each of the 16 sections are given below. Each HTML page contains both the text for that section of the course and also a short embedded video that summarizes the text for that section only.

In addition, this main page also contains an embedded video that will play all the parts of the video course one after another if you prefer to view all the videos at once.

You can also download and read the entire course in the PDF white paper which contains all 16 sections of the text at the link at bottom below.

PART 1 OF 16: Introduction

PART 2 OF 16: Use Cases

PART 3 OF 16: The Organization is a Chain of Relationships

PART 4 OF 16: Value Streams Through Platforms

PART 5 OF 16: Appliance-Based Architecture

PART 6 OF 16: The Agile Cloud Manager Simplifies Appliances

PART 7 OF 16: The Enterprise Pipeline Builds Up From Simple Cloud-Agnostic Interfaces

PART 8 OF 16: Modeling Each Of Your Appliances Using The Agile Cloud Manager’s Domain Specific Language DSL

PART 9 OF 16: Operating On Your Appliances Using The Agile Cloud Manager’s Command Line Interface CLI

PART 10 OF 16: Four Interfaces Enable The Agile Cloud Manager To Integrate Platform And Development Teams

PART 11 OF 16: How Meta Configuration Enables Reuse Of Agile Cloud Manager Templates

PART 12 OF 16: How Custom Controllers Allow You To Extend The Agile Cloud Manager

PART 13 OF 16: Multi Application Deployments With The Agile Cloud Manager

PART 14 OF 16: Failover And Failback Between Any Cloud, On Prem, Or Edge

PART 15 OF 16: Governance, Security, And Compliance

PART 16 OF 16: Review How Each Use Case Is Fulfilled

A PDF of all 16 parts of Article One: “Architecting The Agile Enterprise With The Agile Cloud Manager” can be read at this link

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