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Architecting the Agile Enterprise with the Agile Cloud Manager

Part 15 of 16: Governance, Security, and Compliance

Figure 16 is entitled “Enterprise Governance Simplified By Agile Cloud Manager”.


Figure 16 illustrates how the discretely organized components and the reliance on pipelines together make it very easy to put each element of completely software-defined platforms into a governance process.

Figure 16, you can clearly see how “Platform-As-Code” can be decomposed into at least 4 categories of Agile projects, and that each Agile project can manage specific code repositories, which together comprise an entire software-defined enterprise platform.

This can also reduce the size of your enterprise attack surface because the same reusable templates constitute a smaller amount of code doing the same things. You can focus on improving the security of the smaller amount of code that composes your smaller attack surface.

And compliance can become easier because a smaller number of items need to be reviewed, and because each item has clear accountability to the bigger picture.

A more detailed discussion of governance is given in our articles “Architectural Migration and Governance” and “Quantifying the Financial Benefits”.

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