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Architecting the Agile Enterprise with the Agile Cloud Manager

Part 13 of 16: Multi-Application Deployments With The Agile Cloud Manager

Multiple applications need to be updated at the same time in an Agile enterprise because customer-centric workflows are the focus of an Agile organization.

Figure 13 is entitled “Planning & Deploying Customer-Centered Enterprise Changes”.


Figure 13 illustrates how improving a workflow usually means making small changes to several applications because workflows span multiple systems throughout an organization.

The Agile Cloud Manager greatly simplifies multi-application deployments.

Agile requirements-gathering and Agile architecture require an enterprise-level view of all the appliances that can be modeled by the Agile Cloud Manager.

In fact, the Agile Cloud Manager was designed specifically to make it a lot easier to focus engineering on much faster delivery of upgrades to enterprise-level customer-defined value.

The delivery pipeline for the kind of multi-application deployment illustrated in Figure 13 can look a lot like the enterprise pipeline illustrated in previous diagrams earlier in this document.

The difference is that a multi-application deployment like what we see in Figure 13 will involve some applications changing while other applications remain the same.

Multi-application deployments can be done as either Blue/Green deployments or as Canary deployments.

For a Blue/Green deployment using the Agile Cloud Manager, one option is to simply use the same exact enterprise pipeline described above, except to use the newly upgraded app artifacts at each stage as inputs into the same pipeline.

For a Canary deployment using the Agile Cloud Manager, you might use a broader range of the CLI commands offered by the Agile Cloud Manager instead of simply acm appliance on and acm appliance off.

Some of the various deployment-type options are described in more detail in our separate article “Multi-Application Deployments With The Agile Cloud Manager”.

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