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Architecting the Agile Enterprise with the Agile Cloud Manager

Part 10 of 16: Four Interfaces Enable The Agile Cloud Manager To Integrate Platform & Development Teams

Figure 10 illustrates the separation of concerns between your platform engineers and your application engineers that becomes possible when you use the Agile Cloud Manager.

Figure 10 illustrates the 4 types of interfaces that are exposed by the Agile Cloud Manager, numbered 1 through 4 in red.


Application engineer roles are on the right side of the diagram, while platform engineer roles are on the left side of the diagram.

You can see in diagram 10 that application engineers only need to write narrowly-scoped deployment and test scripts related to their own application. More details of application-level deployments are given in the next section.

Similarly, platform engineers write appliance code, which is composed of:

Both application engineers and platform engineers alike each read the logs produced by the Agile Cloud Manager. Logging is explained in the engineering-level documentation on this website.

The tenth diagram addresses the work of writing code and does not speak to the ultimate accountability for requirements which will be determined by your organization’s own unique governance processes.

Remember that the same templates for each system and for each basic building block will be reused by many different appliances throughout your enterprise.

Therefore, the reusability of modules at every level with the Agile Cloud Manager elevates the design of reusable modules to a more centralized level in your organization.

Requirements will therefore be defined by numerous different types of stakeholders, so that Diagram 10 illustrates that application engineers contribute to requirements definitions.

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