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Part 9 of 16: Operating On Your Appliances Using The Agile Cloud Manager’s Command Line Interface CLI

Twelve operations can be performed using the Command Line Interface CLI offered by the Agile Cloud Manager. Ten of these are business-level operations that can operate surgically on your appliances, and the remaining two operations are for setting up the Agile Cloud Manager.

Figure 9 is entitled “Operating On Each Of Your Appliances Using The Agile Cloud Manager’s Command Line Interface”.


Figure 9 illustrates how the ten business-level operations are performed by 5 specific pairs of commands which each interact with a specific level of an appliance that is modeled using the Agile Cloud Manager.

The ten business-level operations are on/off switches for 5 levels of the appliances and systems that you have seen in the diagrams above so far in this article. These 5 levels and 10 commands are referenced by numbers 1 through 5 in the diagram and are:

Number 1 in the diagram is “acm appliance on/off”, which you can see operates on the entire appliance.

Number 2 in the diagram is “acm foundation on/off”, which operates on one foundation.

Number 3 in the diagram is “acm services on/off”, which operates on all the services in one system.

Number 4 in the diagram is “acm serviceType on/off”, which operates on only one type of service.

Number 5 in the diagram is “acm serviceInstance on/off”, which operates on only 1 instance of a service.

In addition, and not visible in the diagram, there is “acm setup on/off” which together enable the Agile Cloud Manager to work from any sufficiently provisioned Windows or Linux computer that is sufficiently connected to the internet.

These 12 commands together give you the ability to operate on your business at a high-level.

These 12 commands enable you to abstract away huge amounts of technical complexity, so that it becomes easier to drive change in your business.

These 12 commands enable you to reduce the cost of your IT organization because everything below these 12 commands can be organized into reusable templates that can be:

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