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Download the Agile Cloud Manager

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To download our software, click on the appropriate link from the list below. You can optionally also check the checksum using the code at bottom below.

Version CheckSum
Linux Version: AgileCloudManager-linux-1.1.tar.gz c29061dd85bb2d7e01db297e7d4c8a16
Windows Version: cd54c77ae25638430f4657f291a4f63d
Linux Version: AgileCloudManager-linux-1.0.tar.gz 80e9364b9e41b8b7e0b7ee867870d9c2
Windows Version: 66929531fb122449fd7a1866a6ba4a35

To check the checksum for each download, you can complete the following steps to run the python program below:

  1. Download the compressed release file you want from one of the links above.
  2. Paste the python code given below into a new file named located in the same directory as the compressed release file you just downloaded in step one.
  3. Paste the name of the compressed release file you downloaded into the value for the compressedReleaseFileName variable in the code below.
  4. Paste the value for the official checksum from the list above into the value for the officialCheckSum variable in the code below.
  5. Run the code below to confirm whether or not the checksum in your download matches the official checksum. You can run the code below by navigating the commandline to the directory in which the compressed release file and the python program are located and then typing a command like python
    import os
    import hashlib
    #Replace the values in the next 2 lines with the values for the version and OS of the distribution you need.
    if os.path.isfile(compressedReleaseFileName):
      with open(compressedReleaseFileName, "rb") as f:
        file_hash = hashlib.md5()
        while chunk :=
      print("Checksum for the release zip is: ", file_hash.hexdigest()) # to get a printable str instead of bytes
      print("Official checksum is: ", officialCheckSum)
      if officialCheckSum == file_hash.hexdigest():
        print("MATCH! Checksum is correct.")
        print("ERROR:  Checksum of downloaded file does not match the official checksum. ")
      errMess = "There is no file named "+compressedReleaseFileName+" in "+os.getcwd()
      raise ValueError(errMess)

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