Agile Cloud Institute

Cross-Functional Architecture And Tools For Cloud-Based Operating Models


We offer Architectural consulting, training, and technical support in both short-term and long-term engagements ranging from as little as two days to longer than 6 months as described below.

Two Days

In a two-day engagement, we can provide introductory training and support for various types of stakeholders within your organization. This can include:

Six Weeks

In a 6 week engagement, we can:

Six Months Or Longer

Longer-term architectural consulting engagements are also available for clients who want to engage with us on a deeper level. In a longer-term engagement, we can do things like:

Note that the actual time required to stand up any POC will depend on many factors including the clarity of your requirements, the availability of your engineers, the current state of your systems, and other factors.

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