Agile Cloud Institute

Cross-Functional Architecture And Tools For Cloud-Based Operating Models


We offer Architectural consulting, training, and technical support in both short term and long term engagements ranging from as little as one single day to longer than 6 months as described below.

One Day

In a single-day engagement, we can provide introductory training and support for various types of stakeholders within your organization. This can include:

One Week

In a single-week engagement, we can expand from the introductory work described in the single-day engagement section. This can include:

The 5 days of a single-week engagement can optionally be spread over several weeks depending on the needs of your organization.

Six Weeks

In a 6 week engagement, we can:

Six Months Or Longer

Longer-term architectural consulting engagements are also available for clients who want to engage with us on a deeper level.

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